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Fairies it is often said, are seen only in the twinkling of an eye, or between one blink and
the next, though  to the fairies themselves time  may pass so slowly, that a single second
is long enough for many things to happen.Visitors have described how they have passed
what seemed like a few hours in fairy land and "woken up" years later. When belief in
fairies was common, few people liked talking about their experiences, for fairies were
thought to be fierce guardians of their privacy. Just talking about fairies was unlucky
In scattered parts of Britain where belief survives, it is still considered that fairies
dislike being called by that name. Cautious believers prefer instead to use names such as
"The Good People", "The Little People" or "The Hidden People.
I believe fairies are descendants of Gods and Goddesses, or of the spirits of streams , lakes
and trees. They may be shadowy and elusive as they always have been, but they are also
Tiptoe carefully and silently to  watch the fairies in Pogles Wood
Don't let them  catch you though!!!!     

            This fairy dust will make you invisible

This is the Fairy Guardian of Pogles Wood
Can you pass without being noticed?


Enter the Magical World ofPogles Wood
carefully  lest youwalk on a fairy ring

Well you've arrived here unnoticed
Don't make a sound.
Here the Fairies are preparing for
the start of their day. 



All over Poogles Wood
Fairies are waking up



Flower Fairies Bathing in a pool


Hush, Don't let them hear you.


Does it seem like you have only
been here a few minutes?
In fairy time, you have been here
all day. It's night time now, you
must get home before dark
and before your fairy dust wears off.
See the fairies are lighting their
way home to bed already.
Folow tHEM to the entrance -
but don't get too close.


Look closely and you'll see the fairies
sleeping under the trees.


Don't forget to sprinkle Fairy dust on yourself 
before you go through the door to be visible again

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