Sue & Mark on the Seine
I'm the one without the beard (Honeymoon Paris 1991)

I'm Still the one without the Beard (Paris 2009)



Merry Meet and Welcome.

I'm Sue, Sagittarius, with Aries Ascendant and Moon in Pisces.
The one with the beard is my husband, Mark.
Mark is a Capricorn, with Ascendant and Moon in Gemini. I need his earth at times to keep me grounded, and he needs my fire to get him motivated.
I have a wonderful son from a previous marriage whom I adore.
Garry is a Gemini, with Aries Ascendant and Moon in Cancer.
I also have a super foster son, also named Mark, who is a Scorpio.
I met Mark in 1981. I was managing my son's Rock band at the time and we needed a lead guitarist. It wasn't long before I completely fell  for his 'lead breaks'!!!!!
We eventually tied the knot in 1991. I feel that Mark and I were together in our
former lives, and we still have a lot to learn from one another before moving on.
We are true soul mates and the very best of friends, a truly equal partnership.
My interests are diverse; music, politics, astrology - I don't read books, I eat them.
My chosen path is that of an eclectic solitary Wiccan, this is mainly due to my personality. I have my own special knowledge from which I draw my own power.
I hope you find something of interest to you on my site, and that you will return often. Please sign the Guest Book to let me know you've visited.







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