The   Esbats are the Wiccan Full Moon Celebrations. At this time we gather to worship She Who Is.
There are 12 - 13 Full Moons yearly, or one every 28.1/4 days. The Moon is symbolic of the Goddess, as well as a source of energy. Each Moon has a traditional name.
January -
Wolf Moon, February - Storm Moon, March - Chaste Moon, April - Seed Moon, May - Hare Moon, June -  Dyad (pair) Moon, July - Mead Moon, August - Wyrt (green plant) Moon, September - Barley Moon, October - Blood Moon, November - Snow Moon, December - Oak Moon.  A Blue Moon is variable and occurs when the Moon with it's  28 day cycle appears twice within the same calendar   month, due to that month's 31 day duration.

Full Moons in 2017


 January  12th 

February 11th

  March 12th

April 11th

May 10th 

June 9th

July 9th

 August 7th

September 6th

October 5th

November 4th

December 3rd



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