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What a Blocked Chakra Causes

A blocked Chakra can afflict your body not only physically but emotionally too. With some of the exercises and techniques listed below, you can unblock your Chakra and rid yourself of pain, and emotional "downs"

Chakra                                                    Malfunctions


Physically:      Legs, Knees & Feet Problems

Emotionally:   Lack of Self-Esteem and over-whelming fears and/or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.


Physically:       Impotence, infertility, bladder and kidney problems

Emotionally:   Decrease in creativity and sex drive as an outrageous temper and prolonged grudges

Solar Plexus

Physically:     Ulcers, Stomach ailments and disorders

Emotionally: Negativity, stress, mood swings, pessimism


Physically:     Lung Troubles, Heart Disease, Heart Attacks

Emotionally: Restlessness, instability, unsettled and never at peace with him/herself and others.


Physically:     Neck problems, Sore throats,Thyroid problems,                             

Emotionally: Lack of expressing oneself and communicating clearly.

Third Eye

Physically:     Headaches, Dizziness, Vision problems

Emotionally: Loss or decline of "gifts of sight or vision", and inability to judge effectively


Physically:     Headaches, Migraines, Dizziness

Emotionally: Lack of Spirituality, depressions, confusion, inability to make decisions

How do I Unblock My Chakras?

There are 4 Major "remedies" to unblock or awaken your Chakras.
They include Yoga & other specific exercises that concentrate on those Chakras below:

*Note* perform the following exercises only with your Doctor's permission


     Name           Chakra worked                           Exercise Directions

Eagles' Wings

Solar Plexus

Stand w/ legs apart,knees bent. Imagine holding a ball in front of you. Inhale, allow arms to rise. Exhale rapidly, return arms to original position. Repeat 20 times.

Tai-Chi hands

Third Eye/Throat

Stand legs apart, knees bent.Cross arms & make circles w/ right, then left. Follow movements with eyes. Breathing deeply. Repeat 20 times.

Power Punches

Solar Plexus

Stand legs apart, knees bent. Punch w/ right arm then left, twisting arm inward and exhaling with each punch. One arm pulls back while other punches. Repeat 20 times.

Sensuous Hips


Stand legs apart. Move hips in circular motions. (Front, side, Back,side)
Repeat 10 times.

Grounded side kicks


Lean on left leg,kick right leg out to side with heel. Exhale and contract abdominals as you kick. Alternate and repeat 20 times.

Tall Proud Stork

Third Eye

Stand feet together. Bend leg, lift knee to chest with both hands. Hug knee and balance for 5 counts. Switch legs and repeat.

Dynamic Yoga


Stand straight on left leg,bend right leg behind body. Hold ankle w/ right hand. Balance by extending left arm in front. Hold 5 counts, repeat w/ other leg.

Graceful Warrior


Sit, w/ palms in prayer position. Inhale and release arms down to sides, then circle over head clasping in prayer position. Exhale,bring hands back to original position. Repeat 3 times.


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