The Wiccan Goddess


The female Goddess is represented as Mother Earth, she is Mother earth. The Moon plays a very important part with waning, waxing and full.

The Maiden This aspect of Her is the image of a young woman in the first bloom of womanhood.  She is curious, adventurous, powerful and beautiful.   At once innocent and sexually arrousing to all who behold her, she is the essence of joyful sexuality.  She is Enchantment, full of life. She is springtime, the first flower of the season of rebirth. The waxing moon represents Her.

The Mother She is the fertile womb that bears forth all things. The Mother is the nurturer, the one who nourishes life within her and gives birth to it.   She labors to give presence to all things and then renders nourishment of the flesh and of the soul.  Her image is that of a woman with a babe at her breast and children at her feet.  She is mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually powerful. The full moon represents her aspect.

The Crone The Crone is wisdom, the Grandmother we seek for words of advice.  Her wisdom is much wider than intellectual knowledge, though it includes intellect and does not dispise it. The waning represents her. She has seen much in her many years, but has compassion for all. Maid and Mother live within her as stored experience. She can seem terrible, as she is the gateway to Death. But she also guides us through it, pointing the way to the new life beyond this one.