The Horned God

The Horned God,
Known as Cernunnos,
Zeus,  Jupiter, Herne,
The Green Man, Jack-In-The-Wood, 
Osiris, Pan, Yahweh,
Aten, Amon, Apollo, 
Odin, Allah, An, 
Cupid, Crom, Cronus,
Old Horny. This is just a few 
of the many names
and faces of God.

The Horned God aspect He is the master of the Wildewood. He predates agriculture by countless thousands of years.  He has survived in harmony with human endeavors at controlling our food supply, and he has survived in spite of monotheist attempts to exile him.

The hunting God Originally the hunting god.  The hunter identified with his prey.  The beasts hunted and killed were always respected and it was with great reverence that their lives were taken by ancient man.

Agriculture and the growth of cities did not diminish His power. Wise men knew that without the raw force of nature on their side, neither crops nor cities would flourish. Old Horny is possibly the modern witch's favorite god-form.  He is that which impregnates Mother Earth, and watches over and defends Her creatures.  He is the true Lord Of The Dance, for the rhythms of life, growth, death, and rebirth are His, working with the Goddess through the cycles.

The Green Man The Green Man is intimately associated with Robin of the Wood, the Green Knight of Arthurian legend, Jack in the Green, the May King or Summer Lord, and with Cernunos, the Celtic God of the forest.

He is usually shown as a male head formed as a leaf mask, often with vegetation disgorging from his mouth.  Springing  from the dark, shady recesses of the forest, He symbolizes a deep kinship with trees and woods, irrepressible life, and the cycle of renewal and rebirth.  He is honored during the Bright Half of the year.  He is the Child, Lover and Protege of the Goddess, and is the Young Son, who inherits His father's throne and sires the new King.  Often known as Lord of the Corn, it is He who by joining with the Goddess, ensures the fertility of the fields and secures a healthy crop. His is the realm of light, life and living.