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"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf."
"And the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."
~Rudyard Kipling~

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The wolf has a highly evolved family structure and an advanced system of communication.
It is among the most intelligent of all living creatures.
It is also in very real danger of vanishing from the face of the earth.
Two centuries ago, thousands of wolves roamed freely throughout the world.
As time passed, the encroachment of human civilization eroded the wolf's natural habitat.
Myth, greed, fear and ignorance also led to massive, systematic slaughter of wolves.


From as far back as I can recall
I have been drawn to the wolf.
I see this as the dark side of my
feminine unconsciousness that is
in general of the Ancestral Mother.



  To some the call of the Wolf is eerie
and frightening. To me the sound  is one of pure beauty.
I liken it to the
sound of a  hauntingly beautiful


Wolves are extremely sociable creatures.
Many live in a  close-knit, loving family group,  or pack.
In each pack there is a leader called the alpha wolf.
 (Frequently the alpha is a male, but wolves have as many personality differences
as people, and some packs have a female alpha.)


The wolf was a highly regarded animal
among the ancient tribes of northern
Europe. It was a totem animal among
the ancient Celts. The American Indians
associated the wolf  with mountains and
high places and as a teacher and guide
to sacred things




Wolves are highly sensitive and intuitive animals.
They have a conscious awareness just like you or me.
They have love for their young. They suffer pain like you or me.
They are feeling intelligent creatures who have much to teach us,
if we will only watch respect, listen and learn



Isn't he beautiful. So cuddly
Before long he may be extinct.
Please help to save the wolves
and other endangered species.
Once they are gone, they  are
gone forever.


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I was inspired to write about the plight of the wolf after visiting the Lady in
Black's Animal Spirit's site. Living as I do in the UK, I did not feel that I
could make any useful contribution. She made me realise that regardless of
where you live, any contribution however small, that informs and educates
the public regarding the plight of the wolf and the "true nature" of this great
animal, helps the cause.
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