My World of Poetry



Here you can read some of my poetry. It is mainly on the dark side, but I feel it mirrors life's many shades.
 Poetry moves me and touches my heart.  I hope that you enjoy reading my poetry as much as I did writing it.
The Poems on this page remain my copyright. Do not copy or publish any of my poems without my permission


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~Crimes of Hatred~

And so Racists post Brexit times,
Spread hate on England's mountains green.
We see the fascists in Britain First,

Attack our multi-cultural scene.
And now the Swastika divine,
Shines forth upon our clouded hills,
And prejudice is welcomed here,
Among those dark satanic mills.

We need compassion and empathy,
And not let ignorance nor hate inspire.

We don't want bigots or xenophobes,
To light the fuse of fear and ire.

We cannot let Nazism spread,
And watch the fires of loathing fanned,
Let's make it clear, we welcome all,
In England's green and pleasant land.


~Zero Tolerance~

 I beg your pardon, what did you say?
I object to you speaking to me in that way!
I don't like your whistling, stop blowing me kisses.
I don't want your cat calls and seductive hisses.
It's crude and insulting. Why can't you see,
That it's sexual harassment and it offends me.
How would you feel, if you heard some guy,
Make suggestive remarks as your sister walked by!
Show some Respect! Watch what you say!
You're invading my space. Please move out my way!


~We are Rising~

Can you hear us? We are the rustle in the branches of the trees.
Can you feel us? As we touch you with the coolness of the breeze.
Can you see us? As we surround you, growing stronger every hour.
We are the ‘C’ change, We are Rising and we will Regain our Power

For centuries we have been oppressed, controlled by subjugation.
Denied our Human Rights devoid of Education.
Now we’re throwing off our chains, we will not acquiesce or cower.
We are Unstoppable, We are Rising and we will Regain our Power.

We don’t want extra privileges, we want Equality.
We don’t want discord or conflict, we want Peace & Harmony.
No longer will you Rule us. Come down from your Ivory Tower.
We are Women, We are Rising and we will Regain our Power


~A Safe World for Women~

SA Safe World for Women is our Dream and our Goal,
Where each Women's life is within Her control.
Where's She's Safe in her Home, on the Street, Work and School,
Safe from persecution by patriarchal rule.
Where She's Valued and Respected and Her Worth is recognised,
Not Oppressed or Exploited or Socially Stigmatised.
A world where She has choices, about how She lives her life,
To be with whom she loves, not bought as someone's wife.
Where barbaric rites like FGM are banned at last worldwide,
Honour Killings prosecuted, not excused as family pride.
Where the birth of a daughter is a time of joy and pride,
Not seen as a burden, rejected, cast aside.
A Fair, Just world for Women, with full Equality,
A Safe World for Women - Free from Slavery


~The Silent Taboo~

She was barely four years old,
When they decided it was time.
That she would be subjected to a sick barbaric crime.
Her tiny body mutilated brutally defiled.
An unwilling helpless victim a terrified young child.

When the women held her down she was crying and afraid.
As they cut into her flesh with a dirty rusty blade.
She screamed in pain and terror calling out her Mother's name.
But was told "Hush stop your crying girl you'll bring your family shame."
Sewing up the wound, they used hot ash to stem the bleed,
Leaving just a tiny hole for urine and menstrual need.

“You’re a woman now” they told her. “For your husband you’ll stay clean”
But this is our unspoken secret and must remain unseen.
They bound her legs and left her there alone and traumatised,
She’d joined the ranks of girls who had been FGM baptised.

Generations of young females are still forced to endure,
This horrific procedure to ensure that  they stay pure.
FGM is a controlling, dangerous, sadistic tool,
Used for Female oppression by patriarchal rule.


~No Place for a Monarchy~

In a true and Free Democracy,
There is no Place for the Monarchy.
Sat aloft in their ivory tower,
Where no body voted them into power.
Pampered, honoured, idolised.
Revered, esteemed, immortalised.
This privileged family, born to inherit,
Where nothing was gained through worth or merit.

Palaces, Castles, private jets,
Whilst most of the country struggle with debts.
Not for them the worry of mortgage or rent,
Or paying the bills when the moneys all spent.
Servants and flunkies at their beck and call,
Planning a banquet, arranging a Ball.

We were given a speech on austerity,
Then billions was spent on the Jubilee.
To celebrate 60 years as Queen,
This dire waste of money,
Was both crass and obscene.

As UK tax payers, we have to give,
Towards the luxurious life style they live.
We shouldn't be funding this rich family,
Whilst others exist in abject poverty.

 Our hospitals, schools lie in disrepair,
Our old, sick and vulnerable, lacking in care.
Mass unemployment, no housing, low pay,
Our young disengaged, industrial decay.

This dysfunctional family, born to rule,
Are nothing more than the government's tool.
To control and coerce the 'great unwashed' masses,
Who are used and abused by the rich upper classes.
Cheap labour for bosses, canon fodder in war,
A feral underclass, disenfranchised by law.
 But with stiff upper lip - That's the true British way,
We'll sing "God Save the Queen" and pretend it's ok.


~I am not My Label~

 "Does she take sugar?" She started to say.
My friend didn't answer, she knew what I'd say.
"Yes thank you I do, I take one in my tea"
"But I'm not dumb you know, don't ask her, ask me."

"Are you Lost? I think she's lost" he said.
Slowly and loudly emphasising each word.
Looking round helplessly and sounding absurd.
"No I'm not lost, I'm shopping" was my slow loud retort.
And I'm not deaf you know, if that's what you thought.

"I'll move the chair" he said.  "Mind the table"
"Can you open the door? watch out for the cable"
"For heaven's sake stop fussing"
"I know you're being kind"
"But just because I'm in a wheelchair"
"Doesn't mean that I am blind"

"I'll sort out your money" said the girl at the till.
Reaching for my purse to settle my bill.
"No you won't"  I said, giving her the right amount.
"I'm not stupid you know. I went to school, I can count"

"You're on the wrong floor love" he said with a frown.
"This floor is Staff only, the cafe's one floor down"
"Are you new here young man. I have the right floor"
"I'm the Disability Trainer. That's my name there on the door"

"You should have let us know you were coming" the doorman said to us.
"Whatever for" I answered. "No one else does, why the fuss"
We're just four girls in wheelchairs, out clubbing for the night"
"Do you think we'll scare your customers?"
"We promise not to bite"

"Are you her carer?" she asked him, ignoring me completely.
"My sister works in care", she continued, smiling sweetly.
"He's not my carer, he's my husband" Through gritted teeth I parried.
"Just because I'm in a wheelchair, doesn't mean I can't be married"

"Why are you in a pushchair? You're much bigger than me"
"I have to walk and I'm only three"
Hands on hips and pouting, she gave a loud sigh.
"OK" I said, "Just listen and I will tell you why"
Using words she'd understand, I told her why I couldn't walk.
I had her full attention, she didn't interrupt or talk.
When I finished, she looked pensive, then climbed on my knee and said:
"Take me wheelies round the garden Mummy, before I go to bed.

I'm classed as disabled. I use a wheelchair.
But look beyond the label, you'll find me, a person there.
 Don't patronise or pity me. I have a full and happy life.
Lots of friends, a good career. I'm a Mother and a Wife.
I'm not so different from you, just with less mobility.
The problem is, I'm handicapped by Society.


~The Eve of Destruction~

A child cries out in fear and despair,
A baby is screaming but no one is there.
Buried in the rubble of a burnt out shell,
This once was their home but now it's their hell.

A man calls for help, struggling for breath,
Lying mortally wounded waiting for death.
A woman weeps and hangs her head,
For her husband and children missing or dead.

 Homes and villages raised to the ground,
Lifeless bodies strewn around.
Innocent victims lie at death's door,
Caught in the cross fire of a 'bloody' war.

Opposing factions on either side,
Engage in warfare with zealous pride.
Both sides defending their cause as just,
As their rockets turn towns into rubble and dust.

Foreign leaders wait patiently,
And covertly plot what their next move will be.
As they strongly deny accusations they lied,
Over their arms' deals to either side.

The U.N. as usual hesitates,
Say they'll monitor the situation and wait.
But whilst arguing sanctions intervention and cost,
The war wages on and more lives are lost.

The Media report shocking news every day,
Of slaughter and mindless destruction.
Suicide bombings, kidnap and rape.
Torture, Executions, corruption.
Of orphaned children in refugee camps,
Not fit for habitation,
They use the phrase 'ethnic cleansing'
For the Genocide of a Nation.

It's the same the world over since time first began,
That of man's inhumanity to one's fellow man.
Poverty, suffering, injustice oppression,
Tyranny, slavery, hatred repression.

We need global peace, there must be no delay,
For the eve of destructions a heart beat away.


~Animal Genocide~

England! A Nation of Animal Lovers,
That's what we proudly claim.
But the reality is very different,
And puts us all to shame.

We berate other countries,
with accusations of abuse.
But who are we to point the finger?
Just what is our excuse?

We sanction vivisection,
We're so blinkered we can't see,
That in torturing innocent creatures,
We're a sick society.

Factory Farming, Battery Hens,
New born male chicks gassed.
Farm Livestock beaten, brutalised,
Our reputation's trashed.

Dogs simply  bred for fighting.
Puppy Farms driven by profit and greed.
Animals slaughtered for Halal Meat,
Throats cut and left to bleed.

Race Horses injured and killed each year,
Circus Animals trained by fear.
Greyhounds a commodity dumped when they lose,
Animal Prisons we call Zoos.

Wildlife slaughtered by barbaric Blood Sports.
Hunters flouting the law and fooling the courts.
Wildlife culls, cruel and senseless,
Genocide of our animals is totally defenceless.

We are What we Eat, What we Use, What we Wear,
Do you 'fine dine' on Foie-Gras, the Food of Despair?
Do you show off your Mink Coat with never a thought,
For the Minks that we killed for the fur coat you've bought?
When you put on your make up or shampoo your hair,
Did you buy 'Cruelty Free'? Do you know, Do you care?
Ignorance is bliss, but it's no excuse ,
For your lack of awareness of Animal Abuse.

Just like us Animals are Sentient Beings .
Just like us, they feel Pleasure and Pain.
Like us, they deserve Dignity and Respect,
Not used for our Enjoyment or Gain!


~At one with The Fox~

The Meet is on - I am the prey,
The Huntsmen gathered and the  Harriers Bay.
In England, Fox Hunting with Hounds is banned,
But these Hunts disregard the law of the Land.

They rampage through villages, Hounds running wild,
Over rail tracks and roads, yet no charges are filed.
With their Terrier Men riding on quads,
And  pro-hunting supporters revering tin gods.

They class me as vermin, they say I've no worth,
But what would they know, these polluters of earth.
I kill to survive - to feed my young,
They kill for the sport and call it fun.

 The Hounds in full bay - they've picked up my scent,
I'm weak and exhausted - my energy spent.
They've blocked
my escape, so if I go to ground,
The Terrier men will make sure I'm found.

They'll send in their dogs and dig me out,
Throw me in a sack and send up the shout.
A fox torn to pieces will give them their thrill,
As I'm tossed to the hounds who move in for the kill.

 When I'm torn limb from limb and my life's blood is spilt,
Do they suffer remorse, do they feel any guilt?
No, they've one last sick ritual, they have to fulfil,
That's to 'blood' virgin hunters, new to the kill.

In a civilised country there is no place,
For barbaric blood sports - they bring us disgrace.
This archaic tradition has had its day,
Back in the dark ages - and there it must stay.


~One Always Loves More~

They say in a relationship that one loves more,
I wish that some one wasn't me.
They also say that love is blind,
It's not - we just refuse to see.

Love comes with mixed emotions,
Confused feelings often blurred.
Do you want him more than need him?
Is your love for him obscured?

Then later when you realise,
That love's first flush is ending.
Is it regret, or just relief,
That you carry on pretending.

It's now that Fate will test you,
when you meet a handsome stranger.
Are you resistant to temptation?
Or excited at the danger?

They say in a love affair, that one loves more,
This time it isn't me.
They also say that love is blind,
I guess I'll wait and see.


~Self Harm~

The cut was deep, I screamed out in pain.
But the feeling of complete bliss and euphoria that followed,
numbed any sensation of pain.

The rush was instantaneous, I felt ecstatic.
Then a sense of overwhelming calm descended.
I was in control.
I had my first unbroken night's sleep for days.

Later, when the guilt kicked in, I pushed it to the back of my mind
After all I was harming no one but myself.
I had no reason to feel guilty.

The peace lasted a few days.
Then came the sadness, the hurt, the self pity and depression.
This was followed by the anger, self loathing, disgust and despair.
I was spiralling out of control.

 I cried out in agony at the searing pain, as the razor cut deep into my skin.
I watched the blood trickle down my arm... and waited for euphoria.


~Lost Souls~

We are the shadows of the night,
engulfed in darkness out of sight.
The Moon our only source of light,
reflects our shadows in the night.

We are the souls of those who've passed,
Lost, tormented souls, outcast.
Kept in limbo, trapped in space,
Between this and the next world, a dark lonely place.

Here we must stay, in purgatory,

maybe for eternity.
We took our own lives, cheated fate,
Before our chosen time and date.

And so we the shadows of the night,
remain in darkness, out of sight.

Forever hopeful, that we might,
Begin our journey, into light.



We are Strong, we are not weak.
We are empowered, we are not meek.
No longer will we tolerate,
Rape, Abuse, Violence and Hate.

You've lost control, you're powerless,
We will not cower or acquiesce.
Nor will we hide away in shame,
Believing that we are to blame,
For beatings that we took from you,
That left us battered, black and blue.

Your angers something you must own,
We won't forgive, we won't condone.
Don't say you're sorry, shed a tear,
We will no longer live in fear.

So Women of the World Unite,
Use your voice, take up the fight.
No longer do we live in caves,
These men must learn we're not their Slaves.


~Not Yet ~

It's My Body, My Life, and I,
will choose if this foetus will live or die.
It's my decision and mine alone,
No feelings of guilt, no need to atone.

 Do not question my right to choose,
I am the one with the most to lose.
I don't need moral judgements of any kind,
The decision is made, I won't change my mind.

You say you'll stand by me, you'll always be there,
Through the pregnancy, labour, the birth and childcare.
But we're barely sixteen and we haven't long met
And I'm simply not ready for motherhood yet.

Perhaps in a few years, when I'm more mature,
When I have a career and I feel more secure.
 When I've seen more of life and I'm no longer wild,
 I'll rejoice at the birth of a loved wanted child.


~Veiled Threat~

She is not seen, but she can see, She's an enigma, a mystery.
People stare as she walks by, but never look her in the eye.
She is mocked, insulted, criticised, abused, misunderstood, despised.
Is it so strange, why can't they see,  that this is her identity.
They say "Why don't you integrate, either conform or relocate"
To her, the veil is liberating, but you won't find that worth debating,
She will not acquiesce, nor hide, She'll  always wear her veil with pride


~What is Love?~

Love is a mixture of pleasure and pain,
Blue skies and dark clouds, sunshine and rain.
All the angst and the ecstasy, rolled into one,
The tears and laughter, the sadness and fun.

Folly and madness with passionate nights,
Mind games and drama with quarrels and fights.
You're packing to leave, then unpacking to stay,
Is it better to love, or be loved, who can say?

Just be sure, when you find love, you don't let it go,
Cherish the moments, go with the flow.
Savour the pleasure and ride out the pain,
If you throw love away, it might not come again. 


~My Darling Boy~

I saw you in the park today,
I watched you run and laugh and play.
I saw you fall, but she was there,
to kiss you better, stroke your hair.
You're three years old, my darling boy,
Now someone else's pride and joy.

Today, despite the pouring rain,
I stood outside your school again.
I watched you running through the gate,
That fleeting glimpse was worth the wait.
Tomorrow I'll be there once more,
Like yesterday and the day before.

Today you started senior school,
So grown up and acting cool.
You looked so happy with your mates.
waiting at the school yard gates.
My, how you've grown, my handsome lad,
A carbon copy of your dad.

On the station platform, hidden from view,
I watched them wave goodbye to you.
You're off to university,
The world's your oyster, young and free.
Overwhelmed by love and loss and pride,
I disappear in the crowd, my tears to hide.

Today outside the church I cried,
When I saw you kiss your blushing bride.
My darling boy with his lovely wife,
I hope you'll have a happy life.
All though the years, I've watched you grow,
The time has come to let you go.


~The Boy Next Door~

Where is he now? The Boy next door,
Who said he'd love me, forever more.
At five, he was leaning over my wall,
 Giving me sweets, to throw back his ball.

At six, in the playground. he was there,
Fighting the boys, who pulled my hair.
At eight, he was walking me home from school,
Carrying my books and acting cool.

At ten, we'd go skating in the park,
Running all the way home, before it got dark.
At twelve, he carved our names in a tree,
And said, one day he would marry me. 

At thirteen, we shared our first real kiss,
I was so in love, it was heavenly bliss.
At fourteen, my whole world fell apart,
And left me with a broken heart.

His family were moving across the sea,
And the boy next door was leaving me.
The day he left, he held me tight,
And told me things would be alright.
He would come back to me one day, he said,
And when he did, we would get wed.

 That year we wrote, most every day,
So much to tell, so much to say.
But gradually the posts got less,
So busy growing up I guess.

Well, time moves on and memories fade,
Along with the promises we made.
But as I stand here by the old oak tree,
Where the boy next door said he'd marry me.
Where he said he would love me for ever more,
I wonder what happened to the boy next door?


~Bag Lady~

Huddled  in a doorway of a derelict store,
Her bed for the night is a concrete floor.
Far from the Town Centre, pubs and shops,
She wont get hassled by drunks or cops.

Wrapped up in a blanket, she tries to keep warm,
But its hard when her clothes are drenched from the storm.
She's scared, wet and hungry, chilled to the bone,
And never before has she felt so alone.

Tears sting her cheeks, like the falling rain,
She's a frightened child, full of hurt and pain.
Just sixteen, and she's all alone,
And no one cares that she's here on  her own.

Beth left her home, without looking back,
She had no regrets, didn't bother to pack.
Alcoholic Mother, abusive Dad,
It must be her fault, did she do something bad?

She'll start a new life. she'll find a way,
Get a worthwhile job with decent pay.
Find a place to live, her very own space,
She drifts off to sleep with a smile on her face.

The local Newspaper reported the death,
of a homeless vagrant, known only as Beth.
For thirty years or more she's been -
Living rough on the streets, since the age of sixteen.


~Prison Cell~

I dreamt I was locked in a prison cell,
All alone in the dark in my private hell.
Once an abused and battered wife,
Now a murderess in gaol for life.

You were no different, that fateful night,
Menacing, violent, fists clenched tight.
I cowered in the corner, afraid for my life,
But this time, clenched tight in my hand was a knife.

The next thing I remember, was you lying there,
There was blood on my hands, there was blood everywhere.
I stood and I watched, till you took your last breath,
and I felt no remorse, as the cause of your death.

They said, plead not guilty, it makes perfect sense,
It was not intentional, just self defence.
But I stood  in the courtroom, my head held high,
And said, "I intended the Bastard should die."

My lawyer protested, he said its quite clear,
she's got battered wife syndrome, full of guilt, shame and fear.
But the judge, summing up, said I picked up the knife,
and fully intended to take his life.

As the jury said Guilty, I woke from my dream,
And glancing around, I heard myself scream.
The nightmare was real, this was my private hell,
All alone in the dark, in a prison cell.


~Madam Heroin~

I dreamt of you again last night,
young and wild and free.
Tomorrow was light years away,
Yesterday was history.

You lived each moment to the full,
As if it were your last.
No thought of consequence,
No care, of future or of past.

I loved you with a passion,
And you said you loved me too.
But your affair with Madam Heroin,
Was stronger than we two.

We both knew that the time would come,
When you would go away.
And though we planned I'd follow,
We both knew I would stay.

A year went by, no word from you,
Until that fateful day.
The phone call came that told me,
You'd be coming home to stay.

Last night I called to see you,
to say my last goodbyes.
I told you all about our son,
and how he had your eyes.

I told you that I loved you,
Kissed your cheek and walked away.
I left you lying on the slab,
So still, so cold, so grey.

18 years have passed,
And every day I think of you,
As I look into your son's eyes,
So vibrant, deep and blue.

He's so like you were at eighteen,
Young and wild and free.
He tries to hide the needle marks,
Afraid that I might see.

We both know that the time will come,
When he will go away.
You'll stretch out your hand to take his,
And lead him home to stay.


~Dark and Light~

You lived in the dark and I could not comfort you.
You ventured into the light and I could not reach you.
In the dark you were surrounded by hopelessness & sorrow,
engulfed in misery and desperation.
In the light you were surrounded by hope and joy,
engulfed in love and laughter.
In the dark you felt safe. In the light you felt exposed.
Maybe it would have been better
had you stayed  safe in the embrace of depression,
than glimpsed the light of recovery.
In the Spring you took your own life.


~One Last Time~

Like countless times before
we say our last goodbye.
Neither of us wanting our affair to end,
But knowing it can only lead to heartache.

But what of my heartache now,
at the thought of never seeing you again.
Of never hearing you say you love me.
Of never feeling your kiss, your warm embrace.

Maybe, yes maybe I will phone you later,
and suggest we meet tomorrow for one last time.
My phone is ringing, maybe its you?
Yes, you suggest we meet tomorrow,
For one last time.


~Air Raid Shelter~

Within the playground of my mind
Relics of war were left behind.
A disused shelter underground,
A battered life-boat beached on land.

Laden to gunwales, creaking, swaying,
With freight of heedless children playing.
House and tag, who's in, who's out,
The smaller cower, the taller shout:

"Dare you to knock on the shelter door?"
I tap, inside the shuttered roar
of Death goaded from sickly sleep,
All shelter like spume upon the deep.

Swells of fear, except for one,
Bolted to earth, who can not run,
Fused, poised, frozen in glass,
As a boat adrift among the grass. 


~Just 8 Years Old~

Just another ordinary day,
She stands in the playground watching her friends at play.
She calls them friends, but they call her names,
She's never invited to join in their games.

At the end of the school day she stands at the gates,
Watching the kids go home with their mates.
Or being collected by Mum or by Dad,
As she slowly walks home, all alone and so sad.

At home she sits quietly, she's learnt the hard way,
That a slap or a punch is the price that you pay,
If you speak out of turn when your Fathers around,
So she sits eyes downcast not uttering a sound.

Her parents are addicts, who pay for their fix,
With Dad's stolen goods and Mum turning tricks.
She knows all the signs and keeps out of sight,
When they're needing a fix, or as high as a kite.

No comforting kiss or being held tight
When she wakes from a nightmare shaking with fright.
But her nightmare is real, one she lives every day.
And the pain and the fear are with her to stay.


~Forbidden Fruit~

I've waited all my life it seems,
To know a love like this;
Gay abandoned passion,
The thrill of our first kiss.
I don't know how it happened,
I don't know if I knew;
That you were meant for me,
As much, as I was meant for you.
I try to analyse our love,
But find no answers there;
Why can't I just accept our fate,
Enjoy our love affair.
This maybe just a fleeting thing,
Our crazy wild romance;
But love like this comes round but once;
I think I'll take a chance.


~I Believe~

Fairies are elusive wondrous little things, we
saw them best as children tried to touch their
fairy wings. But now that we are all grown up
and adult, we don't see, those tiny wondrous
beings, that we saw when we were three.
They visit us each morning flying round as we
get up, the sleep that we wipe from our eyes,
comes from their fairy cup.
They wait and hope that we will say those
words they long to hear; "I believe in Fairies",
say it loud and say it clear.
For every time you say it, another fairy will
survive, but when you say I don't believe
another fairy dies.


~The Beggar~

I fumble in my pocket for change. How out of character, how strange.
How come I stopped for this one, I've always hurried by before,
I glance down at the young ragged beggar,
on the pavement outside the restaurant door.

I toss some small change in her tin and quickly turn away,
I know I could have given more, I will another day.
I'm here to meet my friends for lunch, we meet here every week.
The restaurant's expensive, very French and very chic.

As I join them round the table, at our favourite window seat,
I realise they've seen me with the beggar on the street.
How naive you are. one of them says, Did you not stop to think
the money that you gave that girl, she'll spend on drugs or drink.
Absolutely, says another, these beggars are a curse,
and when you give them money, it only makes them worse

Are you blind I remonstrated or do you just not want to see,
the people out there like that girl, who live in poverty.
She's homeless, and penniless, she's moved from place to place,
that society has turned its back on her is a disgrace.

Every week we meet here and you moan about your lives.
What do you know about hardship, you're all rich men's wives.
Do you know what its like to sleep out on the streets?
No! You're tucked up at night in your soft satin sheets.

You sit here and judge that girl out in the rain.
Whilst eating smoked salmon and drinking champagne.
You shop at Harrods in a chauffeur driven Jag,
She carries everything she owns in one grubby carrier bag.

I know what its like for that girl out there,
I've been homeless too.
sleeping in doorways, walking the streets,
begging from people like you.

But I was one of the lucky ones,
someone helped me make a new life.
I've come a long way since then, now I'm a millionaire's wife.

I'm going to help that girl out there,
like someone once helped me.
And if you all helped just one lost soul,
what a better world this would be.



I'll be alright tomorrow, I tell myself today,
But yesterday I told myself the same about today.
I'm only fifteen years of age and should be having fun,
But I stand beneath a dark cloud while my friends stand in the sun.

My folks don't understand it, they shake their heads and sigh,

And the few friends that I have, say, chill out, why must you cry?
They ask why I'm unhappy, I say I can't explain,
My life is full of highs and lows, unhappiness and pain.

They've labelled me Bi-Polar, it's just another fancy name,
For this monster called depression, to me they're both the same.
I'm stigmatised, misunderstood in our society,
Because I have a mental illness, I'm treated differently

I'm not asking for your pity. I don't want your sympathy,
I simply want acceptance of this person that is me.


~Dance with the Dead~

Again last night I dreamt I stood,
All alone in the dark beneath a tree in the wood.
I dreamt I was waiting for you to come,
Shivering, trembling, heart beating like a drum.

Why am I here? I said to myself,
Flirting with the dead.
Overwhelmed with excitement,
with awe and with fear, I know I should have fled.

Too late, I sense your presence,
I feel your ice cold breath.
I flow in an upward spiral,
To where? I don't know, maybe death!

Together we wandered the Astral Plains,
I saw things I have never revealed.
You said you chose me for my youth and my gifts,
And I knew that my fate was sealed.

Many Moons have passed since that fateful night,
But the memories stay vivid and real.
How you taught me the ways of the craft of old,
How you showed me the way to Heal.



See the sun set in the sky,
go slowly out of sight.
It looks as if the sky's on fire,
The sight is one of sheer delight.

See the galaxy of shining stars,
the planets of our solar system,
Orbit the sky with great precision,
Atoms like miniature solar systems.

Look how the sun draws water from the Sea,
every second in forms of water vapour,
Producing clouds, then falling as rain or snow,
runs into rivers and returns to the sea.
Look at the awesome Universe, giving life to you and me


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