My Creepy, Kooky, Mysterious and Spooky
                                                                                                                         And altogether Ooky Family


Mark's Maternal Grandparents (Reg) & (Winnifred) (Deceased)


The Parents
Wally & Marge (Deceased)  ~~Val & Cliff


Me (Sue) & Hubby (Mark) Paris 2009


Son (Garry) & Garry's Sister (Emma)



Honorary Daughter (Emily)  Partner (Pat)
& Oscar


Foster Son (Mark) 


Brother (Tony) with Wife (Jacky)
Tony's First Wife (Julie) with Husband (Brett)


Tony & Julie's Daughter (Jeannie) with Son (Alex)
 Daughter (Sammy) with Partner (Stacey)



Jeannie's Twin Sister (Toni) With Partner (Mal)
Children: (Adam) and Partner (Becca) (Adrianna) and Partner (John) and  (Lucia & Sofia)
 Daughter (Kassie) & Twins  (Mikhael) & (Isaac)


Tony & Julie's youngest Daughter (Daniella) and Partner (Mark)




Tony & Jackie's Children: Son (Marc) with Wife  (Yas)  And Son (Aramis)
Daughter (Beki) with  Husband (Steve)

Marc's First wife (Nisha) and their Son (Jaden)


 My Late Brother  (Terry)
Terry's First Wife (Cynthia  Now Deceased )with Husband (Gerald )


 Terry & Cyn's Daughter (Nicki) with Husband (John)


Children: Son (Luke) & Wife (Tara) With (Keira and Alfie)
Daughter (Leigh-Ann) and Partner (Lee)


 Terry & Cyn's Son (Sean) with Wife (Lou)

Children: (Richard )(Lauren) & (Max)