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Here are some wonderful pictures of Dragons.   I hope you enjoy these magical creatures as much as I do.



I Am My Master's Dragon
by Jack Prelutsky (From The Dragons are Singing Tonight)

I am my master's dragon And my master treats me well,
He calls me when he wants me, And I answer to his bell.
He feeds me puffs of pastry To reward me for my deeds,
And according to my master, I have all a dragon needs.

My master fails to notice, Though I know that he is smart,
The incalculable sadness Deep within my dragon heart.
But I am not complaining, I've no sorry tale to tell,
I am my master's dragon, And my master treats me well.

J. Prelutsky

A Dragon is for life not just for Xmas

Never leave a live Dragon out of the equation

"Never laugh at a live dragon."

"Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons,
for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup."

Draw Closer if you dare.

May dragons take flight in your dreams tonight!

Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon

I need caffeine

"No sense in getting mad at a dragon for being a dragon."

Bargain not with a dragon.

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